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IPL 2020

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Mohammad Shami, who was savagely insulted online following India's T20 World Cup opener loss to Pakistan, received some belated support from politicians and sporting figures.

Omar Abdullah, Rahul Gandhi, and Asaduddin Owaisi all defended the Indian bowler and opposed the use of social media trolls against him. Rahul Gandhi tweeted and said they are all with Mohammad Shami and encouraged Shami to forgive these haters as they expressed hatred because love was not shown to them.

Pakistan completed the 152-run chase in Shami's over, with Mohammad Rizwan scattering the Indian pacer around the ground in Dubai. After returning figures of 0/43 in 3.5 overs, Shami was exposed to a lot of teasing.

Chief Asaduddin Owaisi from All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) said to the reporters from ANI, that Mohammad Shami is being criticized on social media for his performance in yesterday's (Sunday's) match, radicalized and hated because of his religion. He added you either win or lose in cricket and that the team consists of 11 players, however, just one of them is a Muslim, and why don’t the BJP government denounce it.

Omar Abdullah, former Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister also stated that Mohammed Shami was one of 11 players on the field that lost and that Team India’s knee-taking regarding Black Lives Matter doesn’t hold value at all if they can't support a teammate who is being bullied and insulted on the internet.

Former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar also wrote on his social media account, that he supports every team player who represents Team India. He stated that Shami is a dedicated international bowler and he had an underperformed day, just like any other athlete would have.

On Monday, Facebook announced that it has taken swift action to remove the nasty remarks directed towards the batsman, some of which were very vicious.

A Facebook representative said that they don't want anyone to have to deal with abuse in any form, and they don't want it on our platforms. They took swift action to remove the abusive comments made at an Indian cricketer, and they'll continue to prosecute individuals who break their Community Standards. They also offer tools like Hidden Words, which shields the user from seeing bullying comments and abuse in users’ Direct Message requests, and Limits, which shields the user from a barrage of abusive comments and messages.