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IPL 2020

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If you're a beginner or want to stretch your budget, low-odds bets are the most significant bets to make. To acquire a feel for how the game is played, we recommend starting with low-odds craps bets. This will allow you plenty of leeway for trial and error. Furthermore, these bets can still result in some rather good craps payouts.

Here are a few of the top low-odds craps bets:

Bets on Pass or Don't pass
These bets have a 1/1 payout. You have a 49.3% chance of winning both a pass and a don't pass bet, making it one of the most acceptable bets to make when playing craps. This stake is an excellent method to gain confidence around the table if you are new to the game.

Bets on Come or Don't Come Bets
In terms of odds, Come Bets are similar to Pass/Don't Pass Bets and can be placed on any roll other than the "come out" roll. The house edge is identical to that of Pass/Don't Pass bets.

Don't Pass Line - 4 or 10
Don't Pass Line bet has the lowest odds on the craps table, with a payout of 1/2. You have a 66.7% probability of winning. Thus the house has a 2.44% advantage.

Yes, you have the best chance to win, but the casino still has the upper hand due to the payout. As a result, though not the best overall value, this sort of bet offers fair value compared to most larger payout bets.

Place Bet - 6 or 8
With odds of 7/6, you have a 45.5% probability of winning this bet. It is the third most beneficial bet in the game, with a house edge of 1.52%. This is a bet that more experienced players frequently make. However, as you grow more comfortable with the game, it will be simple to incorporate it into your plan.

It pays out the least of all the Place Bet options, but it offers the best value to the player.

Field Bet - 3, 4, 9, 10 ,11
This bet pays out of 1/1 and has a 44.4% winning chance. Despite paying out at the same rate as Pass/Don't Pass bets, this option has a more significant house edge. Regardless, it is a famous craps wager. The 5.5% house edge places this bet in the middle of the pack in terms of player value.

Don't Pass Line - 5 or 9
You will be victorious 60% of the time. The odds are 2/3. The odds have a house edge of 3.23% despite winning most of the time. Thus craps bets offer superior value. However, in comparison to other bets, the house edge is acceptable.

Betting on Odds

The Odds is also known as Free Odds, is a craps side wager with no house advantage. It has a 0% house edge! You are compensated at genuine odds.

It must be placed with a Pass/Don't Pass or Come/Don't Come wager. As a result, the amount you can stake on your Pass Bet is limited. On the craps table, these limits will be presented.

Laying the Odds
It's the polar opposite of an Odds Bet. You bet on the outcome. There is no house edge, just like in Odds Bets. As a result, double-check the betting restrictions before placing a wager.