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IPL 2020

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Winning the lottery is a dream come true for many people, but for an interior designer from Penang, winning the RM24,023,703 Da Ma Cai 1+3D Jackpot was a life-changing experience.

The winning combination of 2911+1531, according to the lucky bettor, included his wife's new car registration number and a lucky number handed to him years ago during a visit to a temple.

"The following day, while eating breakfast with my wife, I checked my ticket with the dmcGO applications ticket scanner.

"When the app showed that I had won the jackpot prize, we were stunned and silent for a time.

"We drove home right after that, and the first thing I did was put my ticket in a sealed bag to keep it safe," he explained.

Regarding his future intentions, the lucky bettor stated that he intends to invest some of the money in real estate and donate the rest to charity.

According to a Da Ma Cai representative, the 1+3D Jackpot paid out more than RM56 million in total prize money in the two months between August and September of this year.

He went on to say that the 1+3D Jackpot 1 prize pool has grown to over RM30 million in early August, resulting in the first cascade of Jackpot 1 reward money to Jackpot 2.

Three Jackpot 2 winners shared a total of RM12,417,216.

When the 1+3D Jackpot 1 prize pool reached RM30 million two weeks later, a total of 27 lucky winners divided RM10,861,011.

In September, four more lucky winners shared a portion of the jackpot reward of RM8,883,119.