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IPL 2020

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The game is played similarly to traditional blackjack, except that the player only has one chance to replace a bad card with the next card in the deck. This option requires the player to pay a non-refundable 20% charge at the start of the hand.

Rules of Blackjack Burnout

In addition to traditional blackjack, Blackjack Burnout is an optional feature.

The player can choose to play regular blackjack or activate the Burnout function by depositing a charge equal to 20% of his initial stake in the Burnout Option area on the table.

If the player has activated the Burnout Option, he can replace the last card in the deck with the next card at any moment after hitting or doubling on the initial hand. After busting, this option is available. If the player selects the Burnout Option, the dealer will remove the last card from the deck and replace it with the next card.

Splitting renders the Burnout Option useless.

The cost for the Burnout Option is non-refundable. If the player does not use it, he does not get it back.

Aside from that, all of the standard blackjack rules apply. The following are the game maker's suggested rules:

  • There are six decks in total.
  • The dealer hits soft 17.
  • After the split, you're free to double.
  • Except for aces, which only split once, pairs can be re-divided into four hands.
  • There will be no surrender.

Casinos may also choose to provide a series of side bets known as Bonus Bets. These are parlay bets in which the player wins if they win the required number of hands in succession. They payout based on the number of consecutive hands required to win:

  • 2 wins - 2 : 1
  • 3 wins - 4 : 1
  • 4 wins - 8 : 1
  • 5 wins - 15 : 1
  • 6 wins - 28 : 1
  • 7 wins - 50 : 1
  • 8 wins - 90 : 1