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IPL 2020

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US election

According to an association of federal and state voting officials, the US election was the most secure one in American history.'

A statement by the cybersecurity experts' team said they had no proof that votes were hacked or altered in the presidential election last week.

It comes as President Donald Trump continues to attempt, with false accusations of systemic fraud, to undermine the credibility of the contest.

It echoed repeated assertions by election observers and state officials that without broad irregularities, the election unfolded smoothly.

The statement said: "While we know that there are many baseless arguments and possibilities for disinformation about our election process, we can assure you that we have the utmost confidence, and you should, in the security and fairness of our election."

"Turn to the election officials as trustworthy voices when you have concerns, as they administer elections."

The Agency circulated the statement for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection, which spearheaded the efforts to secure federal elections.

The officials who signed the declaration claimed that they had no proof that any voting system had deleted or modified votes or was corrupted in any way.

"In American history, the November 3rd election was the safest. Right now, election officials around the country are evaluating and double-checking the entire election process before the outcome is finalized," the statement said.

The word is in stark contrast to the unsupported accusations of irregularities by Mr Trump, and systemic issues that he insists could impact voting totals.

He has mounted several legal challenges, but judges have turned away several of those cases.

The writers of the statement include the members of the National Association of State Election Directors, and the National Association of State Secretaries-who administer state-level elections-and the executive committee of the Coordinating Council of Government-Industry, which comprises all significant vendors of voting equipment.

Former President Barack Obama, meanwhile, has said he is disturbed by the Republican officials who are "going along with" the false allegations of Mr Trump.

Speaking to CBS News, he said that the false allegations of voter fraud are "a further step towards delegitimizing not only the incoming Biden administration but democracy in general."